Lucy Arnold

I've always enjoyed the special qualities of uniquely one-of-a-kind handmade things...and I'm simply captivated with handcrafted ornamentation of all sorts.


So many extraordinary women have come into my life through my jewelry. Thank you for your interest in my work, but even more, thank you for your friendship!

Jewelry making is an art form that combines things I love...the relationship between form and function, design, craftsmanship, color and texture.  I have a great appreciation for the natural materials with which I work and make every effort to be conscientious in their use.  I admit to being a scavenger and am always on the lookout for vintage treasures to incorporate into my designs!  Nature's raw materials provide my inspiration and listening to each piece as it evolves, I'm provided with guidance for the details.


Largely self-taught, I work at my small workbench at home in Newport Beach, CA. With an edge of intrigue, my work maintains a balanced sense of sophistication and imperfection, making it easy to wear with almost anything.  My father's lifelong example of ingenuity will always be the inspiration for my continuing love of creativity and design.